Why Use Herbs?

Herbs are a natural option that can be used to help prevent illness and promote good health leading to increased vitality, longevity and optimal well-being. Herbs can be used as supplements, in their fresh, dried and liquid form. They are used for therapeutic purposes, first aid remedies, personal care and beauty products.

How Does Herbal Medicine Work?

Herbal medicines treat not just the symptoms or what appears to be the illness, they also treat the whole person. It is known that treatment or suppression of symptoms will not rid the body of the disease itself. Herbal remedies create balance in the body, so that the body rejects illness, and good health is the result.

What does Herbal Medicine Achieve?

It is also well known that the actions of herbal remedies are gentle on the body. This can be attributed to the fact herbal medicines have been extracted as naturally occurring substances and have a whole lot of active constituents that provide energy, nutrients, trace elements and most of all several bioactive compounds acting together.

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